About Us

Pioneering new ways to collect and analyse data for iNGOs


We’ve pioneering new ways to collect and analyse data for iNGOs working in global health. We use our wealth of experience to help design outstanding systems which add value to beneficiaries and workers: a fine balance between what’s technically possible, budget and sustainability

Our work with some of the best and largest organizations in the sector allows us to leverage various technologies to deliver better solutions in each subsequent project, building on what we learned, in an effort to create impact in the form of better health outcomes. We use DHIS2 in many of our projects, often expanding its capabilities by developing tailor-made add-ons customised to each client’s needs.

End-to-end services

For information system assessment, design, implementation and ongoing support based on DHIS2.

Global implementations

We understand the challenges of collecting data across multiple geographies, donors, disaggregation and frequencies, and we know how to implement solutions that work and can be scaled.

Beneficiary level data

We believe in the power of recording each single interaction with the final beneficiary: each test, each service, each contact.
We believe that the insights and operational efficiencies that can be derived from a transactional implementation are unmatched, and should be attempted whenever possible.

Software development

We have a proven record of building add-on solutions to DHIS that simplify and improve business processes. We have experience in building web-based apps (PWA), Android apps, Bots, USSD as well as backend solutions.

Capacity Building

We have trained hundreds of in-house staff in DHIS2 to build, use and maintain their DHIS2 implementations.

Analytics & insights

We strive to make data relevant and consumable, ensuring that statutory and donor reporting, as well as decision-making can be achieved.

Working offline

We understand and know what it takes to make a solution work offline.

User Experience

We combine creative design by bringing attractive solutions that respond to the realities of the targeted user. We do this within the limits of what the platform of the project allows, within a reasonable cost.

Integration and Interoperability

Based on needs, our solutions could include tools to facilitate seamless data flow between systems.